Results from the 2nd day of the 2010 ACC

University of Maryland(Baltimore County) made 128 runs whilst losing 8 wickets in their innings. George Mason (GMU) passed UMBC’s score whilst losing only 3 wickets.

York University (Toronto) amassed 188 runs and bowled out St Cloud State for 112 to win by 76 runs.

Auburn University scored 139 and surprising bowled George Mason U out for only 101. Auburn won by 38 runs.

Boston University scored 124 whilst losing 6 wickets. New York University (NYU) scored 125 to win the game.

York College scored 130 runs whilst losing 6 wickets. UPenn only made 63 in their inning and lost.

College of Wooster made 130 which Ohio State overtook, scoring 130 whilst losing only 2 wickets.

USC crushed UMiami. The Trojans scored 160 whilst losing 6 wickets. In response the U made only 66 runs.

Defending National Champions Montgomery College piled up 188 runs vs. the University of the West Indies (UWI) in an Exhibition game, UWI came back to win in an exciting finish by scoring 189.

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