WICB responds to Shiv Chanderpaul letter

St John’s, Antigua – The WICB confirms that it has received an unsigned letter from WIPA sent on behalf of Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

WICB expresses its concern and disappointment that even before the letter was received by the WICB, the media were seeking comments.

WICB CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire has responded to Chanderpaul and WIPA indicating that at no time was he, in the interview on Line & Length, referring to any player (save for when asked a direct question pertaining to Chris Gayle).

The CEO explained in the letter to Chanderpaul that he cannot comment on what is said or reported by ESPNCricinfo and referred WIPA and Chanderpaul to the excerpts of the interview which have been published on the WICB’s website to ascertain the full content and context of the remarks made.

The CEO reiterated that he mentioned the name of no player and the comments were based on reports and public comments made by previous coaches.

The WICB has informed Chanderpaul that he has been and remain a valued member of the West Indies first team squad and looks forward to his continued involvement with West Indies cricket.

The WICB expresses disappointment that WIPA appears to be intent using every opportunity to cause disaffection in West Indies cricket and is not averse to offering ill advice to players to achieve this end.

The WICB urges WIPA once again to act in the best interest of West Indies cricket and the players.


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